Friday, August 7, 2009

Some Tennessee restaurants to prohibit guns

From the Volunteer State:
OAK RIDGE — Five of 11 Oak Ridge restaurants surveyed this week said they either will prohibit guns in their businesses or are leaning toward doing so under a new state law that went into effect July 14.

Conversely, two restaurants said they will allow permit holders to carry weapons.

Meanwhile, representatives at four other establishments said they have either not yet made a decision or not announced one.

The new Tennessee law allows permit holders to carry weapons into restaurants that serve alcohol as long as the person carrying the gun doesn't drink. Restaurant owners can reportedly "opt out" of the legislation by posting signs announcing a ban on weapons in their establishments.

The local restaurants prohibiting guns or intending to prohibit them are Flatwater Grill, Outback Steakhouse and Magnolia Tree Restaurant.
Of the restaurants surveyed by The Oak Ridger, the two that will allow permit holders to carry weapons are Ruby Tuesday and Red Lobster.

Ruby Tuesday overwhelmingly serves food, as opposed to alcohol, and has never prohibited permit holders from carrying firearms, spokesman Richard Johnson said.

"We've made no changes as a result of the legislation," he said. ...

Article here. Seems like a dumb way to lose law-abiding customers (the only ones who would obey such a ban), particularly in a deep recession, when every customer dollar counts. Perhaps Tennessee permit holders should call or pay a visit to the restaurants that restrict their right to self-defense and let the management know why they won't be patronizing their establishments and will be taking their money elsewhere.

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