Monday, August 24, 2009

Second Amendment mercenaries

From Skip Coryell, who is organizing the Second Amendment March:
I am the Founder of the Second Amendment March, a nonprofit organization dedicated to planning and organizing Second Amendment Marches in every state capitol as well as smaller cities all across the country between now and April 19th, 2010. On that day, Second Amendment supporters from all across the country will meet on the National Mall in Washington DC to celebrate the mainstream freedom we have in the right to keep and bear arms. (Ironically, none of us will be armed.)

Part of my job as Founder is to extend invitations for people to speak at these events. Recently, I invited a famous Second Amendment activist. I asked him to spend five minutes on stage. He said he would be very happy and honored to attend the Second Amendment March ... but only if we paid him $40,000.

Color me stunned. ...

Rest here. So the (unnamed) famous "Second Amendment activist" wants forty grand, first class travel and luxury hotel accommodations to speak for 5 minutes at a gun rights rally? With "friends" like these, gun rights advocates can't afford enemies.

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