Saturday, August 8, 2009

Open carry day, South Dakota edition

Article by Susan Callaway on her South Dakota open carry experience:
My friend Jubal and I often open carry together, especially when we go out of town to shop. It's an exercise of our sovereign responsibility for our own lives and safety, as well as an opportunity to educate others. It should be a given that we are also ready and able to help others in the event of an attack or other emergency.

Unfortunately, that's not how some people see us at all. Having been conditioned to believe that the guns themselves are "evil" in the hands of ordinary people, and that anyone who is not a cop just might well be up to no good if they've got a gun... Perfectly legal open carry of a firearm can be mighty inconvenient, and in many places put one in grave danger from the police themselves.

Most of the time we don't encounter these folks, but sometimes it happens. That's when the education often starts. ...

Read the rest here. I especially liked the fact that when the assistant Walmart manager called the cops, the 9-1-1 operator explained that as long as they weren't causing a disturbance (they weren't) that open carry was legal, and no cops were dispatched.

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