Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Handloading primer

From Joe D'Alessandro, comes part 2 of his primer on handloading:
The following represents general descriptions of various types of manual reloading presses. It is not intended to be a mass product review or to tout the virtues of any one brand or model. Rather it is intended to show some of the ways presses differ within a single category and to possibly define some hardware characteristics that might be worth examining before making an equipment purchase. Regardless the choice, press selection should typically be preceded by defining what sort of a reloading environment is to exist; how many rounds will be produced in what time frame and what are the largest and smallest extremes in cartridges planned. It isn't possible to reload a 50 BMG with a RCBS Partner Press and it is not optimal to reload .380 ACP cases with a long stroke Redding Ultra Mag Press. With light loading of a limited number of mainstream cartridges, an under $100 reloading kit may be all that is required. The same press with with 500 rounds of reloading on the day's agenda could represent pending exhaustion. ...

Read it here. Good info for those considering getting into reloading their own ammunition.

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