Monday, October 13, 2008

Vote Early, Vote Often -- Ohio Edition

From the Buckeye State:
A federal court ruling this week that requires Ohio’s secretary of state to cross-check new voter registrations against social security or vehicle registration databases could have major implications for Hamilton County, where elections officials believe thousands of fictitious registrations may have been filed.

The Hamilton County Board of Elections has received at least 10,000 duplicate voter registrations this year and possibly thousands of fictitious ones, according to deputy director John Williams. The deadline to register was Monday.

Officials don’t know how many of the registration cards are truly fictional because the local board – although it does have some safeguards in place to weed out problematic cards – has no method of cross checking the registrations against a state database.

That’s why cross-checks at the state level are so important.
Hamilton County received more than 160,000 documents this year related to voter registration and change of address. Of the more than 40,000 documents received from ACORN, about 10,000 have been duplicates and many have come back with invalid addresses. Of the remaining documents “I do believe fictitious ones are registered,” said Williams “We don’t cross check this. That’s supposed to be done on a state-wide database. So if that isn’t done, we don’t have the resources to do it.” [emphasis added]

He said multiple registrations came in with the same name, but slightly different addresses or birth dates. His office has received calls from people saying they never filled out a registration card.

Article here. Expect massive voter fraud this election, particularly in the battleground states.

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