Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Texans stocking up on those Evil Black Rifles

From the Lone Star State, another report of sales of, uh, "cosmetically challenged" rifles spiking:
Gun owners have expressed concern that Barack Obama, if elected, will not only renew the ban on assault weapons, but also make it permanent.

"Not that people are fear-buying,” said John Mannewitz, a manager at Target Master. “But, if there's something cool you want to get, people are saying sooner is better than later."

Target Master, a gun store in Garland, used to sell a couple of assault weapons, such as AR15s and AK47s, every week. But now, a little more than a week away from the election, sales have tripled.

"I had a customer today who came in and bought an AR15,” Mannewitz said. “He said he had always wanted one and he was afraid if Obama got elected there wouldn't be anymore."

At least ten other gun stores in North Texas, contacted by News 8, have reported a recent spike on sales of assault weapons.

Article here.

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