Friday, October 10, 2008

NYC's only public range keeps low profile

Article in the NY Daily News on Manhattan's only public gun range:
At street level, you would never know bullets are flying below.

Pedestrians stroll these Chelsea sidewalks, walk crosstown toward Fifth Avenue or Broadway to have their nails painted blue at a salon or to purchase proper fashion accessories at United Colors of Benetton. They don’t notice the small plaque on the outside of the building at 20 W. 20 St. that advertises, “West Side Rifle and Pistol Range.” They don’t hear the dramatic bangs of the .45 revolvers or the softer pings of the .22 rifles firing in the basement.

But here, underground, is the only public shooting range left in Manhattan, populated by marksmen, riflewomen, law enforcement agents, security guards, actors and casual shooters who insist that firing a gun is as transcendent and euphoric as yoga - only with a trigger.

Article here. Isn't it remarkable that in a city of eight million people, there exists but a single public range? So sad.

Here's a video clip from another story on the range:

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