Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Indiana county tests online CCW permit applications

From the Hoosier state, comes news of a pilot project to allow citizens to apply for concealed carry permits online:
Now, one northeast Indiana county is part of a test project that will allow residents to apply for a gun permit online, making the process simpler. The permit allows residents to carry a handgun on their person. No such permit is required to carry a rifle.

The state’s laws related to obtaining a gun have Indiana ranked poorly – tied for 38th among states – on the Brady State Scorecard 2007, established by the non-partisan Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. The scorecard ranks states based on their gun laws.
In Indiana, Wells County and Miami County are trying out a new system that allows residents to apply for a gun permit online. If the test project does well, Indiana officials hope it will go statewide, Wells County Sheriff Bob Frantz said.

The online application process would be quite easy, said Chris Darrah, police records supervisor for the Fort Wayne Police Department. However, she’s not comfortable with the idea of offering permits online; it increases the possibility that people could obtain gun permits deviously, Darrah said.

Frantz acknowledged that it could be easier for applicants to lie on the online form, but a stop at the sheriff’s office is necessary before the permit can be finalized.

Article here. The article has the typical anti-gun bias, with many column inches devoted to Brady Campaign talking points and quotes from Brady Campaign spokespersons lamenting how "easy" it is for "dangerous people to get dangerous guns in Indiana", and the whole idea of "shall-issue" permit systems.

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