Friday, October 10, 2008

Another genius tries to catch a bullet

From the firearms-deprived United Kingdom:
A police weapons specialist who shot himself in the hand is suing the PSNI.

Peter Woods, 50, was dismantling a gun at a police facility in February last year when the accident happened.

It is understood that he removed the magazine from a pistol, but a bullet in the chamber fired into his hand. He recovered from his injury.

Lawyers for Mr Woods claimed in the High Court that proper safety procedures were not in place, and ammunition may have been faulty.

Article here. The article shows a picture of a Glock, although the text doesn't say what brand of gun was involved. Glocks, of course, require that the trigger by pressed -- after the gun has been unloaded, obviously -- in order to field strip the weapon. Sounds like Mr. Woods placed his hand in front of the barrel of a loaded Glock, then pressed the trigger. If so, he should not have been surprised when the red hole suddenly appeared in his hand. In addition, it sounds like the ammunition, far from being "faulty", worked as intended. :)

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