Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gun rights group takes open carry complaint to City Council

As noted previously, the Virginia Citizens Defense League will again complain to the Norfolk, VA City Council about the treatment of open-carry by Norfolk police:
Once again, members of a guns-rights advocacy group are coming to City Hall, claiming their rights have been violated by the police.

The Virginia Citizens Defense League, a Northern Virginia-based group, said 100 or more of its members will descend upon Tuesday's City Council meeting to vent their displeasure, many with guns holstered to their hips.

The group is upset about a police confrontation involving a member carrying a weapon openly, which is legal in Virginia.

Article here. Politicians don't seem to get it -- criminals don't typically carry their guns openly; law-abiding citizens do. Criminals generally carry concealed because they don't want anyone to know they are armed, especially since no convicted felon can legally even possess, much less carry, a gun.


Anonymous said...

My report on the Council Meeting is here.

I should have the audio of the pro-rights speakers and Councilman Riddick's response up tomorrow.

Thanks for taking note of it.

Anonymous said...

The Saga Continues:

Holy Crap!