Friday, October 3, 2008

Any color you want, as long as it's ...

Lauer Custom Weaponry, a WIsconsin company that sells paint kits for guns, has added a new color -- "Furious Mike", a bright-red hue named after anti-gun New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg:
The Wisconsin company that earned Mayor Bloomberg's ire by selling paint kits for rifles and handguns is firing back - by selling a bright-red shade called "Furious Mike."

"As long as he keeps attacking, we'll keep fighting back," said Steve Lauer of Lauer Custom Weaponry, which sells kits in 145 colors. "He's just trying to put me out of business."

Bloomberg spearheaded a move to ban colored guns in New York in 2006, saying kids, cops or anyone else might assume a loaded weapon was just a toy - with deadly consequences.
Buying and using those kits in the city has been illegal since 2006, but Lauer said purchasers in the city - many of them cops - are willing to take the chance.

"We have packages go out to New York City every single day - I mean, more than one," Lauer said. "The customers apparently don't care. ... They're the ones who are taking the risk."

Each kit shipped to a city address gets a special rubber stamp on the outside with a caricature of a scowling Bloomberg and the ironic slogan "Mayor Approved."

Article here. A follow-up article has a photo of an AR-15 painted in "Furious Mike":

(Photo: NY Daily News)

That's pretty ugly to my eyes, but whatever floats your boat. :)

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