Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Status of Chicago-area gun bans

Article on the status of the various gun bans in the Chicago area:
-- Lawsuits challenging Chicago's ban have been filed by the state and national NRA. Both are in early stages, says Jennifer Hoyle, spokeswoman for the city's law department. In July, Mayor Richard Daley said he'll fight to keep the ban.
-- Oak Park's ban, enacted in 1984 after a public referendum, remains on the books, says village spokesman David Powers.

-- Winnetka, Ill., has a ban but has not been sued by the NRA. Responses to the Supreme Court's action likely will be discussed by trustees this month, says Village Attorney Katherine Janega.

-- Morton Grove, Ill., repealed its 1981 ban in July, says Mayor Richard Krier. An NRA lawsuit was dropped last month. "We needed to have it settled," Krier says. "It wasn't a burning issue."

-- Wilmette, Ill., stopped enforcing its ban immediately after the Supreme Court ruling and wasn't sued, says Village President Chris Canning. It was repealed in July.

There had been no prosecutions for five years, he says, and repeal "doesn't make us any less safe. This isn't the Wild West."

-- Evanston ended its ban last month, but the NRA's lawsuit still is pending, says Alderman Steve Bernstein. A law firm offered to defend the city at no cost, and Bernstein says talks about reinstating the ban are under way.

Article here.

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