Thursday, September 11, 2008

Op-ed on National Park carry

Op-ed on the proposed rule to allow lawful concealed carry (subject to certain restrictions) in national parks:
A lot of people are hot and bothered about the Bush administration’s proposed rule to allow concealed weapons in national parks, but practically, is this really worth our time and effort?

Yes, it’s maddening to tolerate such low-end, election-year politics spurred by the National Rifle Association (NRA), but I say give the gun lobby this hollow victory, so we can spend our time and energy on issues that could really help our national parks instead of worrying about something that’s already happening and hasn’t caused any problems. ...

Op-ed here. Pro-carry commenters on the article are numerous, and the op-ed's author appears to note in the comments that he is not opposed to open or concealed carry in the parks, and that his op-ed (which is fairly derisive in its tone towards gun owners) was directed at the "greens and the NPS--they have bigger fish to fry and should forget about opposing this rule."

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