Thursday, September 11, 2008

Nagin gets award for Katrina efforts

From New Orleans, comes news that Ray "Chocolate City" Nagin has received an award for "recovery, courage, and leadership" in the wake of 2005's Hurricane Katrina.
NEW ORLEANS -- In Lakeview, Barbara Majoue is still living in a trailer almost three years after Hurricane Katrina flooded her neighborhood.

"We're moving along. What can I say?" she said.

Majoue said at times, things are not moving fast enough. She wants more from her elected leaders, including Mayor Ray Nagin, who is set to receive an award for recovery, courage and leadership.

"I'm not surprised. I'm disappointed," she said. "I don't see what (Nagin), as an individual, did."

According to the invitation, a group called the Excellence in Recovery Host Committee is handing out the award at an event at the Ritz-Carlton hotel on Aug. 22.

Article here. Remember, this is the guy who, along with his police chief, ordered the confiscation of firearms from law-abiding residents, leaving them defenseless against mobs of roving looters and thugs.

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