Monday, September 29, 2008

Campus carry op-ed

Another op-ed for campus carry, this one from University of Texas at Dallas:
Eleven colleges permit students and faculty the right to carry across the United States, including every public university in Utah since fall 2006, a community college in Virginia for more than five years and Colorado State University for the past 13 years. No incidents involving gun violence, accidental discharge or gun theft have occurred on these campuses since legalizing concealed carry.
Wild west shootouts remained a thing of the past and violent crime rates dropped. Texans with concealed handgun licenses are 14 times less likely than those without them to commit a crime and five times less likely to commit a violent crime, according to a report released by the Texas Department of Public Safety and the U.S. Census Bureau in 2000.

States that allow the right to carry have lower crime rates than the other states. According to a FBI study in 2006, rates were lower for violent crime by 26 percent, murder 31 percent, robbery 51 percent and aggravated assault 15 percent.

Read the op-ed here.

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