Friday, September 12, 2008

Pro-gun Palin ammo for NRA election efforts

National Journal article on Sarah Palin's appeal to the pro-gun vote:
By now, millions of Americans have seen photos of vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin testing weapons while visiting members of the Alaska National Guard in Kuwait.

But it wouldn't be surprising if millions more in battleground states get to see similar pictures soon -- plus appearances by Palin herself -- in states where gun rights are a big issue, courtesy of the National Rifle Association's fat $40 million budget for this year's elections and parallel plans by the McCain campaign to deploy Palin where gun owners are numerous.

When John McCain plucked Palin, a lifetime NRA member and an enthusiastic hunter, from relative obscurity to be his No. 2, the NRA found new ammunition for its already expensive drive to bar Barack Obama from the White House.

Article here.

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