Saturday, September 27, 2008

More shilling from ASHA

The deceptively-named American Hunters and Shooters Association (ASHA), is reportedly a false-flag operation masquerading as a "pro-gun" organization. ASHA does seem to have some of the media fooled, which admittedly isn't hard to do when it comes to guns, especially when most journalists believe, or want to believe the anti-gun propaganda:
Former Washington Redskin and president of the American Hunters and Shooters Association Ray Schoenke stopped in Clarksburg Wednesday to shoot a couple clay pigeons and talk about how the Second Amendment comes into play in the presidential campaign.

"As a gun rights organization, we believe gun rights should be protected, and it's a right we feel strongly about," Schoenke said, adding he doesn't believe an administration under Barack Obama would decrease gun ownership rights.

"The Supreme Court has ruled the government can't take your guns away," he said. "Neither party is going to take your guns away."

There are differences of opinion on whether Obama's stance on gun ownership actually supports gun owners.

Schoenke said he believes Obama supports Second Amendment rights, including the right to bear arms, in the same manner as his opponent, John McCain. As a hunter, however, he thinks Obama would do a better job preserving land.

Article here. If you know anyone who thinks ASHA is pro-gun and supports gun rights, please disabuse them of this notion.

Point them to the following links about ASHA and its anti-gun leadership:

NRA-ILA: Anti-Gunners Don Camo as Election Looms

GunLawNews: American Hunters and Shooters Association (includes a breakdown of the ASHA leadership and their political donation histories -- no surprise, lots of donations to anti-gun politicians like Ted Kennedy, Diane Feinstein, Carolyn McCarthy, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, John Kerry, the old Handgun Control, Inc., etc., etc.)

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