Saturday, September 13, 2008

Eating "healthy" just might be the death of you

You know you live in a prosperous country, when there is an actual disorder named for people who are so obsessed with "eating healthy" that they get sick: orthorexia.
Because they pursue purity in the food they eat, orthorexics are disgusted by processed food like macaroni and cheese. And Righini said even something as seemingly innocent as an apple could be toxic, because "if it's not organic, probably what goes into the soil is going go into the food, and then it goes into you."

With toxins lurking everywhere, orthorexics end up avoiding much of what most of us eat.

"I took out tropical fruits, because they were too high in sugar," Andersen said. "I took out root vegetables, because they had too many carbohydrates."

Andersen couldn't eat at restaurants or friends' homes, fearing she would be pressured to eat impure foods.

"I was afraid that if I got anything wrong I was going to get cancer," she said. And plenty of diet gurus will tell you, Andersen was right to worry.

"You become what you consume. You consume dead food, and death accelerates its presence," diet guru Viktoras Kulvinskas said.

Kulvinskas is a leading advocate of the "raw food" diet.

Raw foodists believe cooking vegetables even a little destroys their nutritional value. And eating meat is even worse, Kulvinskas said, because you eat the animal's fear.

"When they go through slaughter, they go through a lot of fear, and that fear is taken into the dietary habits of America."

Everyone knows that eating too much meat can be a problem. But does Kulvinskas even make sense? All over the world, as people have gotten wealthier, they are eating more cooked food, more meat and life spans keep increasing.

"That's correct," Kulvinskas said, adding that people are "sicker than ever. Living longer doesn't mean quality of life. It only says that you're living longer under medical intervention. These are not natural, whole people."

Article here, with video links.

According to a 2002 FAO report, over 800 million people around the world are malnourished. Yet we have people here who end up intentionally eating only raw, non-meat, non-dairy, non-fruit diets. So sad.

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