Thursday, September 25, 2008

Battle for Minnesota heats up

With polls showing a close presidential race in Minnesota, the two camps are actively campaigning in that state:
ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Forget spring, summer, fall and winter. In Minnesota, the seasons go by fishing, boating, hunting and snowmobiling.
With a fresh poll showing a deadlocked race in Minnesota, McCain was bringing his Republican campaign back to the state Friday along with his new weapon: moose-hunting running mate Sarah Palin. McCain's selection of the Alaska governor has fired up some outdoors enthusiasts.

"She's probably the most pro-hunting and pro-gun candidate that we've ever had," said dentist Don McMillan, a member of Minnesota's Sportsmen for McCain. "She hunts. She fishes. She snowmobiles. She's an outdoors person. Outdoors people can relate to someone like that."

Article here. The gun-owner vote will be important in this close state, which has trended towards the right of late, but which has historically (for the past couple of decades, at least) been regarded as a safe "Blue" state for presidential candidates. Hopefully, the "Second-Amendment-is-only-about-hunting" gun-owner crowd will wise up, and vote for the candidate less likely to screw them once in power. Hint: Obama and Biden are virulently anti-gun; judge them by their actions, not their current lies words.

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