Saturday, April 11, 2009

San Diego, Los Angeles D.A.s disagree on open carry stops

From Mike Stollenwerk:
... Last December the Los Angeles District Attorney issued an erroneous legal opinion stating that police officers could detain persons openly carrying guns in order to run serial numbers of guns, and further, could demand identification from the gun carriers to run background checks. contacted the LA DA and pointed out their mistakes with citations to pertinent California and federal authorities.

But the LA DA stood his ground.

And now comes San Diego Assistant District Attorney at saying that "Los Angeles DDA Desallis Rutledge" was mistaken is opining that police officers had the power to detain open carriers to check gun serial numbers or demand IDs from gun carriers to run background checks.

The SD DA is correct! Folks open carrying handguns in California have every bit as much right to privacy and freedom to movement as cell phone carriers. ...

Article here.

Read the San Diego D.A.'s open carry training memo here.

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