Friday, April 10, 2009

Feinstein says she won't push for new gun ban, for now

From Mike O'Brien at The Hill (thanks Mike!), comes the latest from Sen. Feinstein on the timing of a new "assault weapons" ban:
The key sponsor of the 1994 assault weapons ban said Thursday she will not seek to renew the now-lapsed gun law right now.

While Feinstein said she would like to see the bill renewed, she said that an effort to renew the ban would be a distraction to the Obama administration.

"I wouldn't bring it up now," Feinstein told "60 Minutes" in an interview that will air Sunday night. "I'll pick the time and the place, no question about it." [emphasis added]

Feinstein said no one from the administration had tried to sway her on when she would introduce the legislation. "Nobody said a word to me," the California Democrat said. ...

Article here. Video clip of Sen. Feinstein's interview with 60 Minutes available at the link.

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