Thursday, April 16, 2009

The futility of gun control ... Jamaican edition, mon

From GunRights4USall, comes this account of the effectiveness (or rather, the lack thereof), of gun control in the island nation of Jamaica:
... When one thinks of Jamaica, one thinks of sunny sandy beaches, palm trees, and rum punch. It’s just a big tourist gig and there’s not much of a country beyond the beach and it’s happenings. Right?


The Jamaica the great majority of people are familiar with, does fit the image I painted above. But by comparison, that part of the island is “soft” as the Jamaicans would say. The real Jamaica is its music scene, its politics, the drug trade, the corruption of the government, the stark extremes of wealth and poverty, the unbelievable beauty of the inland countryside, a horrendous crime problem, and above all…the killings. ...

Go read the whole post here. I've trained (here in the U.S.) with some guys from the Jamaican police. After we were done with the training, and were doing some range cleanup of the expended brass, one of the Jamaican cops remarked that possession of even a single spent cartridge, i.e., empty brass, by a civilian was a serious felony, unless you had the proper permits. And naturally, permits were only given to the rich and powerful. Funny how that works, huh?

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