Friday, April 10, 2009

Gun Rights News Roundup

Articles, news stories, and op-eds of interest to gun owners:

Kirby Ferris writes at JPFO on the recent multiple killings of police officers in Oakland, CA and Pittsburgh, PA:
The relatively recent Oakland, California shooting of four police officers by an illegally armed felon on parole, and using a semi automatic rifle, fell short of the “gun control” crowd’s more comfortable formula. You see, it was already illegal for the paroled felon in Oakland to be in possession of any kind of firearm.

However, the immediately recent shooting deaths of three Pittsburgh, Pennysylvania police officers has “assault rifles” back in the news big time. This tragedy certainly has far more spin potential for the victim disarmament vermin in Congress and the mainstream media.

Apparently Richard Poplawski was a visitor and poster on a right wing, anti-Jewish website. He listened to “conspiratorialist” radio shows and watched controversial YouTube videos.

In the days ahead, watch the insidious twist that this will take in the mainstream media.

You MUST understand that there is a hidden, almost subliminal, message in these pronouncements about Poplawski:

“If you own a semi automatic rifle, an “assault rifle”, you are just like Richard Poplawski. You are a “right wing nut”, “anti-Semitic”, “delusional”, and, to cap it all off, a “conspiratorialist”. In short, you own a semi automatic rifle because you, like Poplawski, are CRAZY and PARANOID!”

In the days ahead, every effort will be made to shame American gun owners with this sort of thinly veiled innuendo.

“No one needs an “assault rifle”! What are you so afraid of? What are you planning?”

Have any of you out there ever heard any of those?

Additionally, we’re again barraged with the somber declarations from police spokesmen: “We’re out gunned!”

This is simply not true. In fact it is a blatant lie. Virtually every major municipality has access to federally funded full auto firearms. ...

David Codrea asks: Who's spreading the lies in Pittsburgh shooter story?:
An insidious new meme is being propagated following the Pittsburgh slayings--that rhetoric from conservatives, gun rights activists, the "right wing"-- is responsible for Richard Poplawski's alleged fear that Obama was going to take away guns. The first thing we need acknowledge is this is but one more case of the media rushing to judgment before the facts are in. There's a whole lotta speculation going on.

As we've noted before, Obama's own words taken from the official White House website reveal his goal of banning an entire class of semiautomatic firearms. His attorney general has revived the call. And he's based a large part of his rationale on a demonstrable lie.

We're not allowed to point that out? And reporting on their own words is now verboten?

An important component of the meme is that conservative/libertarian speech is hate speech. In the Orwellian Newspeak off the political left, the words of the framers of the Constitution are treasonous.

It's called projection. Shall we explore the sentiments coming from those who make no secret that they hate gun owners and believe in government monopoly of power? What do popular lefties have to say? ...

MSNBC (AP story) takes aim at body armor:
BINGHAMTON, N.Y. - In shootings around the nation, police often find the gunman is wearing a bulletproof vest — and while it's an issue that has recently jumped into the spotlight, it's hardly a new problem for law enforcement.
"We still train our officers that if they have to use their weapon, to fire on two kill zones — two bullets fired at the chest, a third at the head, in case the person is wearing a vest," said Grebert, a veteran law enforcement officer who retired in 2003 after 11 years as police chief in the Albany suburb of Colonie.
More companies are making body armor, and there are now more places to buy it, law enforcement officials say.

The easier-than-ever availability of body armor has drawn renewed focus following the recent mass shootings in Binghamton, N.Y., and Pittsburgh.

Police said 41-year-old Jiverly Wong was wearing a bulletproof vest when he burst into the American Civic Association in Binghamton on Friday morning and killed 13 people before taking his own life.

Richard Poplawski, 23, was wearing one when he killed three Pittsburgh police officers who were responding to a domestic disturbance call Saturday.
Besides the Internet, buyers can also find body armor at hunting stores, gun shops, surplus military supply stores, and even occasionally at yard and garage sales.

Federal law precludes anyone convicted of a violent felony from possessing body armor. New York and several other states also have made it a felony for someone to wear body armor while committing a violent crime or using a weapon, Grebert said.

Companies that sell body armor do not need any special licenses, nor are they required to run background checks. The onus is on the buyer to be truthful about his past, said Nick Taylor, manager of BulletProofME, an Austin, Texas-based company. ...

Comment: If you don't already have body armor, perhaps you should consider acquiring some, before it's banned for "ordinary" folks.

[Indiana] Gun, ammo sales booming:
There used to be a time when buying ammunition at Beber’s Shot and Sinker in Auburn was no problem – there were rounds aplenty in stock.

There also was a time when the gun racks in the store on Ensley Avenue were stocked full with 100, maybe 125, firearms for sale.

Not anymore.

Now, co-owner Donald Beber said, the shop has about 25 or 30 guns for sale. People who used to walk in and trade or sell their firearms no longer come around for fear the government is about to take their guns away, according to Beber.

And ammunition? Forget about it.

“A lot of ammunition we can’t get anymore because it’s all bought up,” Beber said. “Ammunition being made is all sold out to the end of the year. That’s what some of the distributors are telling us.”
Whatever the reasons, it’s not just gun aficionados who are stocking up or hoarding ammo and firearms. The trend is crossing socioeconomic and gender lines, according to gun shop owners.

“Friday nights, our parking lot used to be full of Chevy pickups,” said Mark D. vanBurk, president of H&H Firearms Inc. in Fort Wayne. “Now, we’ll see Lexuses and Mercedes-Benzes. Everybody is coming in.” ...

[Texas] Will New York shooting affect Texas campus carry bill?:
San Marcos — When police in Binghamton, N.Y. went looking for the gunman who killed 13 people before committing suicide on Friday, the Associated Press reported they led out “a number of men in plastic handcuffs” while they sorted out who was who.

Had there been someone in that immigrant community center licensed to carry a concealed handgun who had drawn their weapon and ethnically resembled the shooter, police might have shot him by mistake.

Tragic as it is, the New York case may serve to support the point some in local law enforcement have made regarding Sen. Jeff Wentworth’s (R-San Antonio) legislation that would allow those with concealed handgun licenses to carry their weapons on the campuses of Texas colleges and universities.

Texas State Police Captain Paul Chapa acknowledges that such a shooting could happen here, but if it does and police were to encounter a student with a drawn but legal weapon, “We’re not going to ask where the concealed handgun permit is, we’re going to shoot.”

Chapa, like the rest of the university police force, has undergone “active shooter” training at the San Marcos-based Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT).

“You go in and isolate the threat. If you go in and find someone with a gun and the call is for a man with a gun, that’s your approach,” he said.
Wentworth’s bill, and companion legislation in the House of Representatives, “looks like it’s getting a lot of support,” Chapa said. “All we can do is kind of prepare for it. Our focus is not to deny the right of anyone to carry a weapon, he said, adding the mission of university police is “to provide for the safety and security of the communities we have sworn to protect.” ...

Comment: While friendly fire is indeed a concern in the active shooter situation, history -- from Columbine, Virginia Tech, North Illinois University, and including the recent Binghamton, NY shooting -- shows us that the cops, in every one of these cases, didn't get there in time to stop the shooter.

[Arkansas] Senate approves watered down permit privacy bill:
The Arkansas Senate has approved a bill that would allow the state to release the names and ZIP codes of residents licensed to carry concealed handguns.

Senators voted 34-0 Monday to pass the bill by Rep. Randy Stewart of Kirby. That comes after the bill was amended from an original proposal that would have made the entire list of concealed-carry permits secret.

The measure will return to the House for lawmakers to consider the changes. ...

Comment: The bill is better than no bill, I guess. Let's see whether the House concurs with the changes, and the governor signs any resulting legislation. Perhaps the good folks in Arkansas can pass a better version in the future; I'm sure we can count on the anti-gun mainstream media to act irresponsibly again.

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