Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Writer pushes "iron river" lie in new novel

From California:
SAN DIEGO -- A best-selling novelist from San Diego County is taking on the issue of guns traveling from the U.S. to Mexico where they are used by drug cartels, 10News reported.

T. Jefferson Parker's new novel, out this week, is fiction but based on a grim reality.

Parker has written 17 novels, has won several awards and has been on best-seller lists. He enjoys the Southern California lifestyle at his Fallbrook home, but he became increasingly concerned hearing about the drug violence in Mexico.

"These are all murders by gun. Where are they getting the guns? You can't buy them in Mexico. You can't go to a store and buy a gun," said Parker.

Parker said he found most of the guns used by Mexican drug cartels -- some say 90 percent -- come from the U.S. along what is called the Iron River, running from San Diego to Corpus Christi, Texas. "Iron River" is the title of Parker's newest novel. ...

Article here. Another ill-informed idiot, this one posing as an author. Or maybe he's another anti-gun leftist who abhors human rights, and his fellow citizens who dare to exercise them.

The reality, of course, is that the "iron river of guns" from the U.S. into Mexico is a big fat lie pushed by the anti-gunners and their media and FedGov collaborators seeking to further infringe upon our fundamental human rights. Most of the Mexican drug cartels get their guns on the black market from other arms-producing nations (South Korean grenades, anyone?), or from the corrupt Mexican military, much of which the U.S. Government supplied in the form of military aid, or obtained via U.S. Government approved commercial arms shipments to the Mexican government.

If Mr. Parker's novels are so poorly researched, I guess I won't be buying any of his books.

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