Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Toothpicks too dangerous for diners, says U.K. restaurant

From the formerly Great Britain, an ever-increasingly emasculated parody of its former self:
The next time you dine out you might want to take your dental floss with you.

For it seems the toothpick has become the latest victim of the health and safety police - leaving disgruntled diners with food stuck between their molars.

Staff at a luxury hotel chain are refusing to provide customers with the post-meal dental sticks - because they are 'potentially dangerous'.

However, sharp metal cutlery on the table is - for now - still acceptable.

But when Mr Freeman asked the waiter for assistance, he was astonished by the response.

'He apologised but said he was not allowed to give me a toothpick for health and safety reasons,' said the 63-year-old. 'I asked him if he was joking, but he said it wasn't April 1 and there weren't any in the hotel.

'I told him it was nonsense and asked to speak to the manager for an explanation, indicating there were 14 very dangerous metal knives and forks on my table that had been unsupervised for at least two hours.

'The manager agreed it was ludicrous, but assured me there had been a directive from head office not to provide toothpicks because they are potentially dangerous.' ...

Read it here. I guess the Brits can call them "assault toothpicks" -- after all, you can think of toothpicks as miniature spears, right? And we know how dangerous those are.

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