Thursday, January 21, 2010

The family militia

From Michigan, via the U.K. Sun, comes this family profile:
Morgana, six, the youngest of the eight children, is as comfortable with a lethal .22 calibre rifle as she is with a Barbie doll.

Her sister Raven, nine, has her own .22 as well, bought for her when she was seven. It is in baby pink.

She explains proudly: "My dad says I'm becoming quite a good shot."

(Family day out ... relaxing with weapons. Photo: Chris Bott / Barcroft)

Dad is Lee Miracle, of Sterling Heights, Michigan. After the events of 9/11 Lee, his wife Katerina, 43, and their children aged from six to 17 are preparing for attacks from foreign invaders. They believe such readiness - including a house full of 25 FIREARMS - is their civic duty. [emphasis in original]

Top dog at the South East Michigan Volunteer Militia, 42-year-old Lee has schooled his military brood in advanced firearm training and also Ray Mears-style outdoors survival techniques.

The couple and their brood - Morgana, Raven, Elijah, ten, Caleb, 11, Cameron and Megan, both 13, Emily, 15, and 17-year-old Christian - meet hundreds of like-minded souls once a month on a farm to hone their skills against outside threats. ...

Read it here. A fairly straightforward profile, without too much hysterics (oooh, 25 guns! Yawn -- there are ten of them, so that averages less than three guns a person), although I'm sure the unprepared masses and the closed-minded will generate suitable quantities of hysteria all on their own.

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