Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Missouri: Council Fails To Override Veto On Weapons Bill

From the Show Me State:
RAYMORE, Mo. -- The Raymore City Council failed on Monday to override the mayor's veto of a bill allowing council members to bring a gun into chambers.

Bill 2514 was first introduced in November and passed with a majority vote in December, but the mayor vetoed it.

The bill would have allowed city council members who have conceal and carry permits to bring those weapons to meetings.

"I fall into the camp that I think if you give as many law-abiding citizens as much second amendment freedom as possible, that that enhances public safety rather than detract," said Councilman Jeff Cox, who wrote the bill.

Mayor Juan Alonzo said he couldn't sign off on a bill that would only allow council members to bring guns to meetings and not citizens.

"We can't say everybody in this chamber can carry a weapon, but we can say nobody will carry, and I think that it's a lot more fair if nobody is armed than the governing body is and the citizens aren't," Alonzo said. [emphasis added]

City Council members failed to override the veto by one vote.

Article here. Good for Mayor Alonzo. If ordinary citizens (you know, the ones who pay the politicians' salaries) can't carry at City Council meetings, then why should City Council members?

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