Thursday, January 14, 2010

New York Governor doubles security detail; size larger than that assigned to patrol all of Long Island

From the Empire State:
Gov. Paterson's security detail has been doubled in the last year for what are being called "political" reasons, and is now bigger than the entire State Police force patrolling Long Island, troopers have told The Post.

"The governor wants to have an entourage -- three or four cars -- wherever he goes because he thinks it makes him look more gubernatorial, it helps him politically," contended a senior official with firsthand knowledge of the situation.

Thomas Mungeer, president of the State Troopers Police Benevolent Association, said that while Paterson has been cutting the State Police because of Albany's worsening budget crisis, he's been increasing protection for himself.

"Despite the inadequate manpower due to attrition and requests for help by municipalities, the governor has reassigned road troopers to the detail assigned to protect him and his entourage, increasing the size of that detail to more than 200 members," according to Mungeer. [emphasis added] ...

Article here. Anti-gun politicians are rarely shy about making sure they are well protected, typically at taxpayer expense, while they work diligently to disarm the people they were ostensibly elected to serve.

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