Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tennessee municipality bans guns in parks

From the Volunteer State:
Signal Mountain becomes the latest municipality to opt out of the state law allowing guns in parks.

Monday night the Town Council unanimously approved a resolution prohibiting guns in parks.

It essentially extends an existing ban.

It's a hot button issue that brought out opinions on both sides.

Lucas Marshall, Signal Mountain, "Play a couple times a week."

Lucas Marshall and his friend Scott Head would rather not play tennis at this Signal Mountain park if there's a chance someone is carrying a gun.

Marshall, "There's no real reason why you should have a fire arm in the park."Scott Head, "There's plenty of kids around the neighborhood plenty of kids at the park and if one of them got a hold of it it would be bad."

Signal Mountain town leaders unanimously agree.

They passed a resolution making sure guns will not be allowed in public parks and other natural areas. ...

Article here, with video report available at the link.

Of course, only those who scrupulously obey the law will obey this law. Violent criminals, as always, aren't affected by this latest infringement. Hopefully, the Tennessee legislature will address this nonsense in the next session, voiding any existing bans and preempting future bans.

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