Thursday, July 16, 2009

New Jersey "one gun a month" law would end handgun sales

From, on the latest from the anti-gun Peoples Republic of New Jersey:
Handgun sales and purchases by New Jersey Retail Dealers are going to virtually end after November 2009. This is because the New Jersey legislature hurriedly passed the so-called “One Gun a Month” bill (A339), which was known to be seriously flawed. The defective bill is absurd, as it address a non-existent problem. No self-respecting gun trafficker would obtain their handguns by first applying for New Jersey Handguns Permits, paying over $50 in fees, and insuring that any handgun he sells on the street was papered to him! Notwithstanding just how idiotic the law is, it awaits the Governor Corzine’s signature and there is no reason to believe he will veto it.
The law contains language exempting “transfers of handguns between licensed retail dealers.” The term “retail dealer” is defined by current law in 2C:39-1L, and essentially refers to persons engaged in the sale or repair of firearms for profit to ultimate consumers. The definition explicitly excludes “wholesale dealers,” which are defined elsewhere in 2C:39-1S (which essentially refers to persons who sell firearms to those who are not the ultimate consumers).

Because the law only exempts transfers between licensed retail dealers, the one gun per 30 days restriction still applies to transfers from all others, including wholesale dealers, manufacturers, distributors and individual sellers. Most firearms sold by Retail Dealers are obtained from wholesale dealers, distributors and manufacturers. Many Retail Dealers also buy used firearms from individuals and resell them. It is rare for a retail dealer to buy from other Retail Dealers, which is the only exempted class of transfer.

As a result, retail dealers would be cut off from their primary suppliers (wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors and individuals) and can only purchase one handgun every 30 days from these suppliers. New Jersey’s several hundred licensed retail dealers are destroyed by this law. ...

Article here. Naturally, there's a "law enforcement" exception.

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