Friday, July 10, 2009

More anti-gun regulations proposed in Massachusetts

The anti-gunners in the Bay State are at it again, this time looking to effectively shut down shooting club sponsored firearms training and education related events open to the public via new regulations:
If you know you can’t win by passing more draconian laws through the State Legislature, why not regulate firearms ownership out of existence?

That’s exactly what the Patrick Administration is proposing with a new set of regulations to be approved by the Secretary of Public Safety, Kevin M. Burke.
These regulations, if passed as written, would effectively eliminate firearms education and training courses, affect in some manner nearly all shooting events open to the public, including junior shooting programs, Women on Target, Becoming an Outdoors Woman, and club field days enjoyed by thousands of responsible, licensed, firearms owners and shooting enthusiasts. Any events open to the public where a machine gun was in use would also be eliminated.

Today, Trap, Skeet, and 5-Stand, International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) Pistol, Cowboy Action Shooting, and Scholastic Clay events are held on clubs all across the Commonwealth during the week and on weekends where the public is invited. If that a non-member were to show up as a guest of a club member, or just stopped in and wanted try the sport – the club would have to deny that non-member that request until all of the above regulations were satisfied.

Even if the club were to satisfy all of the above an arbitrary or capricious denial of a police detail would be enough to deny the public participatory access to these events. ...

Read all about it here, including the text of the proposed regs. Basically, a quick read shows that the proposed regs would impose significant additional costs on any group sponsoring a firearms related event open to the general public. Which I guess is it's purpose.

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