Wednesday, July 8, 2009

CCW permits surge in Kentucky. Indiana

From the Courier Journal:
The number of people seeking gun permits has soared in Kentucky and Indiana this year, apparently sparked by fears that President Barack Obama's administration has an anti-firearms agenda.

In Jefferson County, for example, the number of applications processed in February and March were triple those the same months last year and nearly doubled through May, to 1,484.

Statewide figures show a similar trend. Kentucky State Police say they issued 16,114 licenses last year to carry concealed deadly weapons. The number issued through June 29 this year was already 15,531.

Indiana issued 42,403 new handgun permits in the first four months of this year, up from 29,029 in the same period last year, prompting the state police, which processes the applications, to hire five temporary workers to handle the crush, according to Lt. Jerry Berkey, commander of the Indiana State Police Firearms Section.

"What I hear a lot of people saying is they're afraid they're going to lose their gun rights," said Cindy Avis, who processes gun permit applications for the Harrison County, Ind., Sheriff's Department. She said her agency processed 547 applications through June 22, closing fast on the 683 processed in all of 2008. ...

Article here. Not a surprise, given the surge in gun purchases since last November.

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