Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Gun control figures in Virgina governor's race

From the Washington Post, on gun control and the governor's race:
... Until recently, Deeds [Democrat], as a lawmaker from rural Bath County, had been a more staunch advocate of gun rights than McDonnell [Republican], whose career began in Virginia Beach. One of Deeds's signature pieces of legislation was a state constitutional amendment guaranteeing Virginians the right to hunt and fish. Deeds also secured the National Rifle Association's backing in the 2005 attorney general's race against McDonnell, who won by 360 votes.

Former Virginia governor L. Douglas Wilder, a Democrat, pointedly declined to endorse Deeds in that campaign because Deeds, as a delegate, had refused to support legislation limiting handgun purchases to no more than one per month -- a measure McDonnell backed.

But both candidates have gravitated closer to positions generally embraced by their party's base. ...

Article here. Neither seems all that pro-gun, to be quite honest. Deeds wants to close the mythical "gunshow loophole", while McDonnell supported the one-gun-a-month law (what's up with that, Virginia?) but now says he doesn't.

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