Monday, June 15, 2009

Thirteen of top 15 most dangerous cities led by Democrats

... and one Independent who supported Obama. From the American Thinker, commenting on a Forbes Magazine list of America's most dangerous cities:
When Mayor Giuliani, the feisty Italian-American Republican took charge of New York, he meant business. Crime went down, down, down.

Alas, today's big city mayor is more likely to be a soft-on-crime Democrat.

What do I mean? When Forbes magazine listed the 15 most dangerous cities in America - the political class ignored one embarrassingly obvious fact. Yes: 14 of the 15 mayors leading America's most dangerous cities are Obama-first leaders. ...

See the list here, or read the Forbes article here. A remarkable coincidence, no? OK, maybe not so remarkable. Many of these politicians are often the same ones pushing to disarm the peaceable, law-abiding citizens of their cities.

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