Monday, June 29, 2009

Nevada will no longer recognize Utah of Florida permits

From NRA-ILA, a heads up for those with Utah or Florida CCWs:
Effective, July 1, Nevada will no longer recognize Right-to-Carry permits from Utah or Florida. They have, however, added Ohio and West Virginia as recognized states.

Each May, the Nevada Department of Public Safety conducts an audit of states and their Right-to-Carry laws for the purpose of determining which states it will recognize.

The Nevada DPS dropped Utah because it does not have a live fire requirement, which is a part of Nevada's training requirements. When the Nevada DPS first began its state by state audit of Right-to-Carry laws in 2007, DPS admitted to NRA representatives that they overlooked the live fire training requirement. After further review, they determined that Utah wasn't similar enough to keep it on the list of recognized states.

Florida will no longer be recognized because its permits are now valid for seven years instead of five. ...

Article here. I'm not sure why Florida's seven year versus five year permit validity would make a difference, although I suspect that the Nevada DPS was probably looking for any reason to limit the number of recognized permits.

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