Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Be the Captain of your own ship (simulator)

Always wanted to captain the QE2? Tonight's interactive game / application, a ship simulator by, allows you to do that.

From the application's description [links omitted]:
In this ship simulation program you get to be the helmsman of your own fleet of ships. "Ships" will take you past worlds incredible scenery at a leisurely pace. All you need to play ships is a small Google Earth plugin.

The idea to use Google map data for a game came almost 2 years ago. The "Ships" concept was initially written in Scratch Since the release of the Google Earth plugin and it's versatile programmers interface it became feasible to write a comprehensive application using Google Map data.

"Ships" is a case study / Technology show piece that demonstrates what can be achieved with Google Earth. While map data has a tremendous value for practical purposes, it can also be used as a backdrop for a range of games.

Special thanks go to Frank Taylor. As a blue water skipper and a well informed blogger on issues related to Google Earth he was a valuable source of knowledge and I enjoyed the many hint's and tips that came my way. Keep an eye on his excellent blog. There, You'll read the latest news related to Google Earth. Visit here

And a video demo'ing the application:

The application requires the Google Earth plugin.

Play Ships here. Bon Voyage!

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