Friday, June 12, 2009

Obama: Who do you trust, me, or your lying eyes?

The Anchoress writes on The One We've Been Waiting For's penchant to say the opposite of what he does:
I had this awful feeling, a few months into Obama’s presidency, that he had no wish to lead the nation, but to rule it. One of his minions (I can’t remember who, sorry) had actually used the phrase “when Obama rules” prior to his inauguration, but I’d excused it as a misspeak. Now, I am not so sure.

In five years of blogging, I have never called a president by anything but his name or his title. I have booted people who have tried to call past or current presidents by foul nicknames. President Obama is President Obama. But I am starting to wonder if he should not also, quite accurately, be called President Opposite. Increasingly one gets the sense that everything he does is accompanied by the hypnotic words ... “what you see me doing, is not what I am doing…who do you trust, me or your lying eyes?”

The press calls it striking a delicate balance:
The Obama administration struck a delicate balance on executive pay Thursday, blaming flawed compensation packages for encouraging disastrous risk-taking but insisting it doesn’t want to dictate how corporations reward their top people.

Translation: Do you see me dictating how corporations will compensate their top people? Now, I’m not doing that…but here is what I decree these corporations will do ...

Read it all here. When it comes to Obama's words, I guess I'll have to go with my lying eyes.

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