Friday, June 26, 2009

Quote of the day

From the insightful Maxed Out Mama, analyzing the latest economic numbers:
... Thus, the major questions facing the US economy are based on government policy initiatives, which is rarely a positive factor in forecasting. Barring massive investment in nuclear energy and further hydropower projects (the scope for which is limited in the US), there is no way to obtain "green" energy that is not considerably more expensive than current energy sources. This will cut US disposable personal and business incomes significantly, and strike another blow at domestic manufacturing. There is no way around it. All countries which have heavily invested in "green" power have cut jobs, raised consumer energy costs, and impaired their own economies. We will not be any different.

Further, any long-term shift to electric vehicles would certainly rely on steady, reliable and cheap generation of electricity. I experienced the oddest sensation of sheer incredulity when watching the Obama press conference this week. Economically, the Obama administration's plan amounts to finding an iceberg and running the ship of state into it, apparently on the theory that we are unsinkable. [emphasis added]...

Read her post here. You can be reasonably certain that if we do hit that iceberg, Obama and the political elites will be the first on the lifeboats. As you may recall, the Titanic didn't have enough lifeboats for everyone (she only carried lifeboats for about half of the people on board), so the rest of us will be left to go down with the ship.

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