Sunday, January 18, 2009

Shall-issue laws and crime

Another academic article on the relationship between shall-issue concealed carry laws and crime. Via Volokh:
A new article has recently appeared in a peer-reviewed journal on the issue of whether "shall issue" right-to-carry concealed weapons laws ([requiring] authorities to issue concealed-weapons weapons to anyone who applies without a criminal record or history of mental illness). The article, found here, concludes that such laws are generally beneficial.

The article, written by Carlisle Moody and Thomas Marvell, rebuts the 2003 article in the Stanford Law Review by Ian Ayres and John Donohue. Ayres and Donohue found (contrary to the seminal work of John Lott and David Mustard) that shall-issue laws actual lead to an overall increase in crime. ...

The original Ayers and Donohue article can be read here.

The Moody and Marvell article can be read here.

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