Monday, January 5, 2009

Imagine ... a world without the Bill of Rights

A tongue-in-cheek letter to the editor:
I thought it amazing that you recently published the letter about Bill of Rights Day. This nation is currently facing many problems, and I would suggest one simple, sweeping, answer to those problems: repeal the Bill of Rights.

Let me start with one of my favorites: consider the Second Amendment. The NRA often argues that any laws restricting a citizen's right to bear arms are unconstitutional, and they are correct. So we remove that from the Constitution. Guns are made illegal. The federal government then can take control of all factories, shut down all gun shops, firing ranges, and conventions, and conduct house by house searches to seize all firearms. Crime would plummet.

Searching houses would now be legal because there would be no Fourth Amendment. The authorities would be able to search computers, houses, businesses, and cars for any and all contraband and illegal activity.

Furthermore, the government would be able to confiscate property for roads, parks, and construction at will, to better the country.

Read the whole thing here.

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