Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Anti-gunners: Change is a'coming

The Brady Campaign has released their anti-gun agenda, entitled Gun Violence in America: Proposals for the Obama Administration, a 19 page wish list of "change".

Included in their list are the expected: another "assault weapons" ban, repeal of the Tiarht Amendment that restricts trace data to legitimate law enforcement uses, more power for BATFE, repeal of the recently issued National Parks carry rule, closing the "terror gap" (I guess that's the new anti-gun euphemism for "loophole"), "minimum safety standards" for handgun owners, etc., etc.

The proposal is available at the Brady website here.

Alan Korwin has commentary on the latest Brady scam (or "lifesaving legislative agenda" as the anti-gun, anti-freedom set call it) here.

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