Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mumbai cops hadn't fired guns in ten years

From the Times of India:
MUMBAI: The state constabulary was grossly unprepared to deal with the worst-ever terror attacks on the metropolis because of an acute shortage of weapons and ammunition.

Official records show that for a force of well over 1.8 lakh, the home department procured a meagre 2,221 weapons — 577 for Mumbai, and 1,644 for the rest of Maharashtra.

‘‘Under the centrally sponsored modernisation programme, we purchased almost all types of weapons, but for a state like Maharashtra, the number of weapons was grossly inadequate,’’ a senior official told TOI on Monday.

In the absence of a firing range and of ammunition for practice, members of the law enforcement agencies have not opened fire in the last ten years. ‘‘I’ve been in the police force for a long time, but I had no occasion to open fire for practice,’’ a senior inspector of police said. [emphasis added]
‘‘We have constables who have not opened fire even for practice ever since their recruitment,’’ the official said.

Article here. Perhaps the reported failure of Indian police officers to engage the terrorists at the train station was a result of their lack of training. If you've never fired your duty weapon in training, ever, chances are that you'll think twice about doing so when you're outgunned in the middle of a real firefight. Life or death situations aren't the place to learn new skills like marksmanship, or gun handling, or finding our whether that gun you've never fired works.

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