Sunday, December 21, 2008

Orange County supervisors part ways with Sheriff on CCW permits

From California:
Orange County supervisors this week abandoned their traditionally cautious approach and formally urged Sheriff Sandra Hutchens not to revoke any concealed gun permits.

Hutchens' response: "I think we're going to get to a point where we have to respectfully agree to disagree."

The fledgling sheriff triggered a firestorm earlier this year from gun activists when she announced that the sheriff's department would adopt a stricter approach toward handing out concealed weapons permits and would reevaluate the existing 1,100 licenses held across the county. Nearly 100 activists, including National Rifle Association attorneys, showed up last month at a county supervisors meeting, threatening to politically oppose Hutchens and any supervisors who backed her gun policies.

After that meeting, Hutchens announced a temporary halt on more than 400 potential gun permit revocations.

This week's action, coming at the end of an update on the issue, signaled a heightened sense of frustration amongst supervisors that a sheriff appointed to fill out the term of indicted former lawman Mike Carona has caused so much rancor among second amendment activists in a very Republican county.

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Kewag said...

One might also wonder how many Orange County supervisors hold permits they fear may not be renewed ;-)