Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A few good men

As we get set for the upcoming BCS college bowl games, here's an article from a year ago, a gentle reminder of the bigger picture:
They play for one reason, and one reason only; for the love of the game. Their work ethic, sportsmanship and dedication to their country are the reasons why the Army, Navy, and Air Force epitomize what everything right is about college football.

There are no rumpled jerseys, no earrings, no flashy jewelry, no long hair nor beards on their sidelines. There are no touchdown celebrations involving unsportsman-like conduct. Questioning a coach's decision is a foreign thought; the respect they hold for authority is second-to-none. They are, arguably, the ultimate football players, and more importantly, the ultimate role models.

For most seniors, the last game of the year is the most emotional. Almost every player knows it is their last time on a football field. They also know that for some of them, it's the last time they will see some of their teammates' faces. Many of them will be deployed, and during wartime, some will not come back.

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