Tuesday, December 16, 2008

South Carolina to consider Vermont-style carry

From the Palmetto State:
COLUMBIA, SC (AP) - A South Carolina House member is filing a bill to allow residents to carry weapons without a permit.

Ways and Means Committee Chairman Dan Cooper of Piedmont said Tuesday he has filed legislation to allow any law-abiding citizen to carry a weapon.

The Republican says concealed weapons permit laws and other restrictions make it less likely people who obey the law will be armed and does nothing to disarm people willing to break the law.

Article here. The article doesn't specify, but Alaska-style carry -- no permit needed, but the state will still issue permits for those who desire one for reciprocity and/or permit recognition purposes when visiting other states -- would probably be preferable to Vermont-style carry. No permit is needed in Vermont, but the state doesn't issue permits for reciprocity and/or permit recognition purposes, so Vermont residents are out of luck unless they obtain, say, a Florida or Utah permit (which are recognized by a substantial number of states).

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