Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pittsburgh passes anti-gun ordinance, despite state law prohibition

From Pittsburgh:
PITTSBURGH (KDKA) ― A bill approved by Pittsburgh City Council would require gun owners to report lost or stolen guns.

It passed by a vote of 6-1. But the debate in council chambers was over whether the bill has any teeth to it - as well as perceptions of why a state law may limit the city's power.

"And it started when the National Rifle Association, gripping their gun with their cold dead hand - the most ridiculous statement I ever heard in my life - went to our legislature and I don't know if you're ever tangled with the NRA but I have on three separate occasions," said Council president Doug Shields. "They don't play nice. They don't stick their neck out in public. They work the back room."

Shields claims the state law that may make the bill meaningless was arranged by the NRA.

Rev. Ricky Burgess, though, voted no - saying however the state law was written, it is clear.

"No municipality in this commonwealth under any circumstances may regulate firearms of any kind at any time for any reason," said Burgess.
[emphasis added]

But Councilmember Tonya Payne voted for it.

Article here. You may recall that Councilwoman Payne was reported as saying she didn't care whether the ordinance was constitutional or not. When our elected servants don't think it important to act within the law, ordinary citizens may decide to follow suit.

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