Friday, March 27, 2009

Wisconsin open carry primer

From Gene German, writing at, on Wisconsin open carry laws and other considerations:
... I doubt that anyone would argue that including an owner’s manual with safety instructions when you purchase a piece of equipment that could harm you if used improperly, is a bad idea. If you think about it, most safety rules are defensive and written to help keep you out of trouble. Your decision to follow the recommended safety precautions or not will have a great influence over your future happiness.

Open carry for personal defense is the lawful means citizens have to carry guns in Wisconsin, so what’s next? Do you just strap your gun on your hip as Governor Doyle said in Lake Delton, and you’re good to go? Well, I guess technically he is right.

But it is what you don’t know that will cause you to get yourself into trouble or worse. If you do this wrong you go to prison or the cemetery. I will provide you with an overview of the pertinent laws you must know. It is your responsibility to read the laws and become very familiar with them. Today, the street cops you meet will probably not know them as well as you do. As more people carry, some cops may too need more training too. ...

Read the whole article here.

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