Monday, March 30, 2009

California shall-issue CCW bill proposed

From the Golden State:
Right now, Sheriff's and Police Chiefs have the final say about who can carry a gun...but a bill now in the State Assembly, would change that. Some people believe changing the law would promote the right to bear arms but others feel it just opens Pandora's box.

Currently it takes a special permit and the approval of your local Sheriff's Department for someone to be allowed to carry a concealed weapon. Certified firearms instructor, Ron Etchells, teaches the concealed carried training class and says the classes start with "The basics, with just fire arm manipulation. Knowing all the parts and different ammunition's cross referencing ammunition's as well and approximately right down to four hours of live fire."

The new bill is ironically named AB #357, like a 357 Magnum gun. If it passes all someone would need is the special permit to be able to carry a weapon. The bill changes the current writing of the law to state that the sheriff of a county, shall instead of may issue to that person a license to carry a firearm. [emphasis in original]

The Sacramento County Sheriff's Department doesn't support the bill saying "It takes away the discretion of local law enforcement" to issue the permit. It's that fact that also concerns advocates against domestic violence. Beth Hassett, Executive Director of Women Escaping A Violent Environment, says of the bill, "If they have a concealed weapon, somebody who is being stalked, a person who has been out of a relationship for a long time may have no idea that their former partner may come after them and kill them. But not everyone agrees with the idea that more accessible permits means more danger. John Barritt, oowner of Badger John's Huntin Stuff believes the bill is aimed at responsible gun owners and may keep the streets safer saying "There's been studies done and you can look at statistic all the way across the country, people that have CCW permits are the lowest crime group out of any segment or society."

Article here. Unfortunately, given that this is anti-gun, Brady bunch "A" rated California, don't expect this to go very far.

It's amazing how clueless the domestic violence "victim's rights" advocates seem to be. You would think they would support a shall-issue law to allow victims of domestic violence to be able to lawfully carry guns to protect themselves from their abusers.

Remember, you don't need a permit to carry a loaded gun concealed on your person anywhere in America. How do we know that this is irrefutably true? Because violent criminals carry guns every day, everywhere in America, and they don't have permits. Why? Because you don't need one. Only folks who are predisposed to obeying the law get permits. I know, preaching to the choir.

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