Sunday, March 29, 2009

Those who forget history ...

Apparently, a bunch of Jewish groups have sent a letter to Congress urging them to allow Washington, D.C. to continue violating the Second Amendment:
Seventeen Jewish organizations are among 32 faith-based groups which have signed a letter to Congress opposing "in the strongest terms" any amendment to the Washington, D.C. voting rights bill that would "undermine the District's ability to regulate firearms." The letter, organized by the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, states that "we believe duly-elected District officials should have a fair and reasonable opportunity to develop and implement new locally specific regulations. It would be unconscionable of the House of Representatives to approve such an amendment and impose its will on the residents of the District of Columbia." Many of the same groups -- which include the Reform, Conservative and Reconstructionist movements, the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Commitee and Hadassah, among others -- signed an almost identical letter to the Senate last month, which attached an amendement to the final legislation repealing most of D.C.'s gun control laws. A House vote on the bill, which would give one vote in the House of Representatives to the nation's capital along with another one to Utah, could come as soon as next week. [emphasis added]...

Read the rest, including the text of the letter, here.

Haven't these jokers ever heard of the Holocaust? You know, that little government lovin' the Nazis gave to a couple of million Jews, after they disarmed them.

It also seems apparent that no one in any of these groups has read the Constitution, which gives Congress plenary authority over the District of Columbia. That means that Congress has general legislative power over D.C. similar to that of state legislatures over their respective states. Thirty-two Jewish groups and apparently not a lawyer amongst them. Go Figure. :)

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