Thursday, March 26, 2009

Ohio open carry incident

From, on an Ohio open carry incident [note link to audio below]:
Tuesday evening, Bill Carlisle went to a Parma Taco Bell while openly carrying a firearm, a legal activity in Ohio. As he was leaving, he was detained by Parma police and spent approximately 20 minutes waiting for it to be cleared up and eventually released.

During the course of the stop, Carlisle repeatedly plead his case that open carry is legal and that simply carrying a gun was not cause to be detained. The police officers on the scene offered up numerous scenarios and explanations while waiting to hear back from a supervisor whether or not he had broken any laws. One such reasoning for the stop was simply that it was unusual, and that had this been Alaska, there would have been no problem. Carlisle captured the incident on tape.

When listening to the recording, pay attention to the numerous hypothetical situations the police used to justify their stop, all the while having no idea whatsoever if open carry was actually legal or not. Apparently, ignorance of the law is an excuse, if you're on the right side of the badge.
Fox News did point out that open carry is legal in Ohio. "We as a city, as a police department don't agree with it, but we're stuck with it," said Captain Robert Desimone of the Parma Police Department. "That's the law, we have to uphold it."

Yes, you do. Personal bias against armed citizens can't dictate your actions, only the law does.

Amigo noted at the end of the piece that the Parma law director is working to send letters to businesses in the city to let them know where to get signs to ban guns from their premises, a possible misuse of public funds to further the anti-gun propaganda of city officials.
It is a shame that Carlisle was subject to a lengthy detainment when he broke no law. It will be even more of a shame if the law director follows through on his threat and encourages businesses all over the city to post "no guns" signs. Created criminal protection zones only makes committing crimes easier for criminals, as they are then assured of disarmed citizens. ...

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